Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Trove Tuesday: Werris Creek and Nurse Auld

Over the weekend a friend sent me an email asking if I had heard of a Nurse Auld from Werris Creek. Although I had no specific information on Nurse Auld in my database, the location of Werris Creek suggested a connection to David Auld who settled in Cassilis after arriving in NSW in 1853.

Using Trove, a simple search for "Werris Creek Nurse Auld" revealed a number of results...the first one titled Young Man's Death. Further investigation was required...

Source: YOUNG MAN'S DEATH. (1925, May 2). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 16.
Retrieved November 26, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article16232548

The first section of the article was indeed about the death of a young man in Narribri, but further down was a section specifically on Werris Creek (see above). The first line of which was succinct and straight to the point:

Mr David Auld, of Paisley, Caroona, is dead.

David Auld and Lockhart Agnes Paterson

David Auld (son of David Auld and Agnes Adams) was born in High Paisley RFW SCT in 1825 and married Lockhart Agnes Paterson (daughter of Thomas Paterson and Lockhart Isobella Paton) in 1850. David and Lockhart had two children (David and Isobella) before migrating to NSW in 1853. Once settled in Cassilis they had a further nine children (Thomas, John William, Allan Henderson, Lockhart Helen, Jane, Hugh, Jeanette, Andrew & Elizabeth). David died in 1872.

David Auld, son of David and Lockhart Auld

Using the information on the Aulds in the Werris Creek article, the date of death for David Auld matched up with the son of David Auld and Lockhart Agnes Paterson I have on file.

Born in Paisley RFW SCT on 10 April 1850, David Auld married  Emily Jane Sophia Sherwood in Gulgong NSW. David and Emily had eight children (Edward, Millicent, Robert David, Margaret E., Lockhart Agnes, Elizabeth, Arthur William and Francis Irwin) between the years 1875 to 1892. David Auld passed away 29 April 1925.

Who was Nurse Auld?

Again, using the clues provided in the article, we know that Nurse Auld is referred to as Nurse L. Auld. Matching this information with the children of David Auld and Emily Jane Sophia Sherwood leaves us to conclude that Nurse Auld is Lockhart Agnes Auld.

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