Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Unknown female by Metcalfe & Glaister [carte de visite]

Photo details:

Titleunknown female by Metcalfe & Glaister
CollectionGeorgina Auld nee Muir photo album
Digital IDapc-000106

Photo TypeCarte de visite

Mount Size62 x 102 mm
Mount Thickness0.630 mm
Mount ColourNatural
Mount EdgesStraight
Mount CornersSquare

Image Size58 x 90 mm

Front ImprintNone
Back ImprintMedium sized, text and artwork

Front face
Rear face

Front face:

unknown female by Metcalfe & Glaister (front face)
[Auld Photograph Collection apc-000106-s1]

There is no imprint on the front face.

Although the individual female depicted in the photograph is unknown, there are several potential candidates for who it may be.

The first and most likely candidate, in my opinion, would be James Muir's first wife Elizabeth nee Coutts. As identified in the post titled Trove Tuesday : The family of James Muir, James and Elizabeth were married 15 December 1874, the year prior to when this photograph is believed to have been taken (based on the rear imprint information - see below). Combine this information with the previously identified photo of James Muir by Metcalfe & Glaister [Carte de visite], which was taken by the same photographers around the same time period.

It is also known that Georgina Auld nee Muir & James Muir's sister, Christina Muir, was also living in Brisbane, although to date it is not known when Christina arrived in Australia.

Rear face:

unknown female by Metcalfe & Glaister (rear face)
[Auld Photograph Collection apc-000106-s2]

Imprint on rear face is medium sized and includes both text and artwork. Inscription of the text reads as:

[small print]WATSON & CO:LITH:
See Trove Tuesday : Metcalfe & Glaister [Photographers] for more information on Metcalfe & Glaister and their photographic studio in Queen Street, Brisbane. As discussed in that post, the documentary evidence based solely on the information provided on the back imprint dates the photo to 1875.

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