Monday, 24 June 2013

James Muir Auld by unknown [Cabinet card]

Photo details:

TitleJames Muir Auld by unknown
CollectionGeorgina Auld nee Muir photo album
Digital IDapc-000047

Photo TypeCabinet card

Mount Size108 x 152 mm
Mount Thickness1 mm
Mount ColourNatural
Mount EdgesStraight
Mount CornersRound

Image Size103 x 150 mm

Front ImprintNone
Back ImprintNone

Front face
Rear face

Front face:

James Muir Auld by unknown (front face)
[Auld Photograph Collection apc-000047-s1]
Original has been cut and reduced in sized, photographer details on front imprint just noticeable on the bottom left, but unknown.

Written on the page in the album where this photograph was placed is the following identification text:
James Muir Auld (born 1879) (son of Georgina Muir)
James Muir Auld was the fourth son of Reverend John Auld and Georgina Muir.
At a guess I would put the age of James Muir Auld at the time of this photo between twelve to fourteen years of age. Based on this information I would put the year of the photograph at 1892±1

Rear face:

James Muir Auld by unknown (rear face)
[Auld Photograph Collection apc-000047-s2]

There is no imprint on the rear face, hence there is no dateable evidence provided.

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