Thursday, 8 August 2013

John Hay Goodlet Auld by unknown [Photo]

Photo details:

TitleJohn Hay Goodlet Auld by unknown
CollectionGeorgina Auld nee Muir photo album
Digital IDapc-000006

Photo TypePhoto

Stock Size110 x 160 mm
Stock Thickness
Stock ColourWhite
Stock EdgesStraight
Stock CornersSquare

Image Size81 x 130 mm
TechnologyGelatin Silver
FeaturesFull bleed

Front ImprintNone
Back ImprintNone

Front face

Front face:

John Hay Goodlet Auld by unknown (front face)
[Auld Photograph Collection apc-000006]
Photo appears to have originally been framed. Slight silvering / mirroring around the edges of the photo. There is no photographers imprint on the front face.

Written on the page in the album where this photograph was placed is the following identification text:
John Hay Goodlet Auld (born 1874 died 1964)
Presbyterian minister
John Hay Goodlet Auld was the eldest child of Reverend John Auld and Georgina Muir.

Rear face:

Although the photo has been stuck into the album, there is no imprint on the rear face, hence there is no dateable evidence provided.

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